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About Us

Our lab caters to private optical shops who want to offer their clients the clearest, most accurate lenses ever worn. Our hands-on process focuses on producing a superior quality product that is thinner and lighter weight.

With our superior Anti-Reflective coating, OnQ creates the purest, most pristine lenses available in the industry. Your patients will appreciate your services, and their friends and family will insist they get their next pair of glasses from you.

After years in the optical business, we decided to start OnQ Optical Labs with the goal of catering to the smaller optical shops that the larger labs had been neglecting. It was at OnQ where we devoted ourselves to the goal of developing the first Cut-to-Coat (CTC) eyeglasses lens technology in the industry. In 2009, we were able to achieve that goal.

Lens Technology


At OnQ we have taken the time and expertise to develop the Cut-to-Coat technology that puts us far ahead of the leading optical labs. Our unrivaled generation process is so precise that we cut the doctor’s prescription according to the parameters we have set for it and the lens is cut perfectly. There is no need to polish our lenses as they come out of the generator unflawed.

Other labs polish their lenses after using an inadequate process to generate your lenses. This polishing alters the doctor’s intended prescription every single time, sometimes significantly.

At OnQ, our finished lenses are within 1/100th of a diopter in accuracy. As a result, we are able to ensure the prescription the doctor intended for their patient. Simply put, your patients and customers will notice a lens more accurate than any lens they’ve ever worn and their visual acuity will be enhanced 10 fold.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Our near space vacuum ensures absolutely even coatings on every layer of every lens.

Most optical labs use a spin or sputtering technique to apply their coatings. OnQ offers a premium vacuum AR coating, our anti-reflective coating technology allows us to coat with precision for a specific thickness, within an optimum color spectrum.

We take the time to apply twice as many layers of anti-reflective coating than standard labs for a truly long-lasting lens.

We are the leading standard in AR at OnQ. We take the time, and have the technology to apply between 12 to 24 layers of anti-reflective coating to our lenses. In turn, our AR coating allows a greater transmittance of light than our competitors. Our super top coat creates a harder, more scratch resistant lens, while also providing more glare, scratch, smudge, dust, and water resistance than your average AR coating.

High performance lens coating increases lens durability, clarity and quality.

Our lenses are coated, front and back, with high performance in-chamber hydrophobic (Standard) or super-hydrophobic (Premium) clean coats. Because our lenses are coated with the extreme in hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, your patients receive:

  • High quality through balanced AR for highest optical performance
  • Reduction of distracting reflections for better vision
  • Highest transparency for better cosmetic appearance
  • Enhanced scratch resistance for improved durability
  • Smudge resistant lenses that stay clean longer
  • Water repellent makes the lens easy to clean


With our waveform technology, we are able to better control the thickness of each and every lens. Our digitally Single Vision and Free-Form Progressives are generated using this waveform technology, which create a thinner, lighter, and less distorted lens.
  • Myopes and hyperopes will both enjoy a thinner lens.
  • Lenses are lighter in weight.
  • Aberrations are greatly reduced.
  • Patients gain more confidence with thinner more attractive lenses.
  • Patients see better across the entirety of the lens.

Our Lenses

AR for Computer Use

Our High Tech World

We live in a world where we are exposed to the unnatural blue lighting produced by computers, TV screens, phones, and tablets. This can be very demanding on our eyes and causes unnecessary eye strain and fatigue. At OnQ, we proudly offer the technology that allows you to avoid the strain that comes from using these devises. You can enjoy their use while keeping your eyes healthy. Above all else, our unique AR coating actually increases your visual acuity, providing a richer more vibrant visual experience. Our customers report a sense of relaxation in their eyes while working with their phones and computers while wearing lenses from OnQ. They will keep coming back to you for all of their eyeglass needs when they know you are the one who makes their visual lives so much better than anything they’ve ever experienced before.

Single Vision

At OnQ Optical Labs, we are proud to bring you the thinnest, most accurate lens you could imagine. Our HD CTC single vision lenses are a thinner, lighter, and less distorted lens. Whether it’s a high minus, high plus, or specialty pair, we will provide you with the best lens you’ve ever experienced.

OnQ Single Vision lenses are lightweight, thin, and virtually invisible:

  • Thinnest lenses you’ll ever wear
  • Lightweight lenses make for a comfortable wear
  • Reduced aberrations allow for better vision throughout the lens

Progressive Lenses

OnQ Progressive

  • Standard design that is a blend of hard and soft corridors to give the patient easy adaptation and comfort
  • Optimized for each patient's Rx, allowing them to wear a cosmetically pleasing pair of glasses without compromising optics


  • Soft design that is enjoyed by first time wearers
  • Most suitable design for beginners and distortion-sensitive users
  • Recommended for people with active lifestyles

Q-series 201

  • Hard design with wider reading portion.
  • better choice for seasoned wearers and frames with smaller B measurements

Q-series 301

  • More advanced blended design is ideal for presbyopes, experienced weares, and distortion-sensitive users
  • Provides ample distance vision and a wide reading area
  • advanced aspheric compensation in the intermediate and reading for pantoscopic tilt


  • Most advance OnQ progressive, digitally surfaced with Wavefront technology.
  • Fully optimized to compensate distance, intermediate, and reading in regards to panto, wrap, and vertex, allowing an ideal as-worn Rx for every patient

Mirror Coated lenses

Our flash mirror coatings can be applied to any lens using the same state of the art vacuum coater that we use on our AR lenses. The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the lenses. Further, the coatings are made of high quality dielectric materials which improve the scratch-resistance and increase the life of the lens.

Features of OnQ mirror coating:

  • Dielectric mirror coating for highest optical performance
  • Multi-Layer stack for brilliant colorsv
  • Cosmetic touch from light shimmer to full mirror
  • Multiple color options to match your choice of frame
  • Clean coat as top layer makes the lenses easy to clean

Just like all of our lenses, our sunglasses offer the most pristine lenses available. As a result.


Tasha N., Optician
"With my new lenses from OnQ, night driving is much more tolerable. Glare is eliminated and objects are clearer and crisper. I love my new lenses and recommend them to all of my clients.”
Melanie M., Patient
“These progressives are so much better than the ones I had in the past and definitely better than my bifocals! And so clear, like nothing is there! Thank you!"
Dr. Jessica T., Optometrist
“My OnQ lenses are unlike any pair of lenses I’ve ever had. The clarity of vision is unsurpassed and the finish is beautiful!”


1393 Wald Rd.
New Braunfels, TX 78132
P (830)214-0853
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